Who are UMSC?

Who We Are

Established in 2003, ecclesia is an outreach focused, Bible teaching, community-based Church. Through various means of community engagement, our goal in mission is to display the love of Christ and the attractiveness of the Gospel.  

Operating under the name Urban Mission Schools and Community (UMSC), the leaders of ecclesia have worked in local schools for over 30 years and have a well-established reputation in the local education sector. The work of UMSC extends to other initiatives beyond schools, in an effort to touch all aspects of the community with God’s goodness. 

Our Vision

As part of Urban Mission Schools and Community, Urban Mission School (UMS) aims to provide an inclusive education within a safe, nurturing environment, where children can belong, learn and succeed. Whilst taking account of individual needs, children are prepared for their next stage of education and supported to become successful members of their communities. We believe that accessing education is a basic human right; through education and empowerment people can be lifted out of chronic poverty, raise aspirations, and create the opportunities to live life with purpose. But, for many children and young people, every day at school is a struggle. Students can experience multiple barriers to accessing an appropriate education and require additional intervention to reach their potential. UMSC aims to provide that intervention and support to enable our young people to engage and succeed in education and to experience successful life outcomes. 

Our Ethos

All staff at UMSC work for the benefit of the young people. We seek to put pupils first in the delivery of their education, therefore seeking to learn from them as we do so.  

We believe every young person is unique and inherently valuable, regardless of their background, actions and experiences.  We work to see every young person within our care come to a place of personal and social flourishing, knowing this may not look the same for each of them. 

We believe a young person is not defined by their background, history and circumstances, and are able to achieve far more than these things may suggest. We believe our young people experience barriers to learning, the overcoming of which are a priority that their academic careers are contingent upon. 

We believe a therapeutically informed approach to education is the most effective way to address our young people’s needs and help achieve their aspirations. We aim to provide an excellent quality of personal and academic development, in a supportive and empathetic environment. 

Our Values

Everything that we do at Urban Mission School is underpinned by our core values that are: 

COMMUNITY – Family, friends, other invested individuals.  

COMMUNICATION -necessitates development in empathy and effective communication 

CHARACTER – Faith, Endurance, Integrity. 

CAPABILITY - Applied Skills, Knowledge, Experience. 

CREATIVITY – Self Expression, Style, Interests. 

Our values are shaped and grounded in our Christian belief that all people are made in the image of God, with immense potential, and yet are free moral agents able to make choices according to their own conviction. We are a faith school for people of any faith, and no faith at all.