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    The pupils we place are happy at UMSC*

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    The pupils were helped to settle in well when they started at UMSC*:

    The pupils are making good academic progress at UMSC*:

    Pupils make good progress with their behaviour and personal development at UMSC*:

    Teaching is good at UMSC*:

    UMSC staff expect the pupils to work hard and do their best*:

    Homework that is given builds well on what the pupils learn at UMSC*:

    UMSC staff treat pupils fairly and with respect*:

    UMSC helps pupils to become independent and prepares them for life after school*:

    There is a good range of activities including trips or visits*:

    UMSC staff care for and support pupils well. They understand their needs*:

    UMSC deals well with incidents such as bullying and safeguarding concerns*:

    We are kept well informed about pupils’ progress*:

    We feel comfortable about approaching the school with questions, suggestions or a problem*:

    We are invited to attend and contribute to meetings called by UMSC to review pupils’ progress*:

    We are aware of the UMSC’s procedures for dealing with complaints*:

    UMSC is well run*:

    UMSC provides an annual account of income and expenditure for each pupil we place*:

    UMSC provides good value for money for each pupil we place*:

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