Our Curriculum

Our priority is to offer short term interventions that can help bring about real change, equipping young people to re-engage in education.

1. The structure of the curriculum seeks to address the serious issue of cumulative disfluency that many of our students have experienced. The curriculum reflects the school’s local context by addressing typical gaps in pupils’ knowledge and skills, in this way, it can powerfully address social disadvantage.

2. Help students to improve levels of literacy and numeracy through the core subjects of English and Maths. In English this will include developing students’ vocabulary and a love of reading because of the correlation between vocabulary size and life chances.

3. At UMSC we want to develop our students as better thinkers. Developing thinking skills means designing learning– to engage them in better quality thinking. Part of our curriculum intent is to make learning and thinking skills more visible in particular the 4 key areas of: Problem-Solving and Decision-Making, Managing Information, Effective Enquiry, and Creative Thinking.

4. All UMSC schools meet the requirements of the Independent School Standards by giving students experience in the following areas of learning: linguistic; mathematical; scientific; technological; human and social; physical; and aesthetic and creative.

If you would like to see a detailed breakdown of academic performance or results, please contact the Head Teacher, who will be pleased to make this available to you.

Our school seeks to educate young people about citizenship and cultural development that includes teaching about fundamental British values. We promote equality of opportunity and diversity for staff and students and do not tolerate prejudiced behaviour or attitudes.

Staff work hard to protect students from radicalisation and extremism by being open to discussion about these issues, and are swift to identify and respond to vulnerable students.